Adroit Automation

Adroit Automation fills the need for highly-skilled and experienced automation specialist to serve OEM's and industry on a temporary or even an emergency basis.  Utilizing short term contracts and simple hourly compensation, clients can access our engineers to solve pointed or nagging problems with processes and machinery.  In addition to our emergency services, we act as our clients' in-house engineer to develop a new process, improve the safety of their machinery, or take their factory's efficiency to the next level.  We can also engineer complete electrical systems from concept to completion.  We can act as your main systems integrator to combine different machines and devices into one seamless process.  We also have several partners qualified to handle mechanical design, fabrication and assembly. 

Our Founder

Paul Jankowski isn’t a droid, but he is a highly skilled engineer with over a decade of experience in factory automation, machinery programming, robotic integration, and machinery directive safety compliance. He’s a licensed EIT and a programming guru in everything from AutoCAD to Allen-Bradley to Siemens. Paul is proficient in coordinated Servo Motion, PLC logic, HMI design and network protocols for variety of automation systems software. Over the past ten years, he has managed and developed a diversity of projects in electrical design, controls engineering, and robotics. In his off time, Paul customizes Porsches, restores motorcycles, builds Lego spaceships with his son, and even takes out the garbage. Why wouldn’t you hire this guy? Seriously.

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